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Husqvarna Norden 901 Status Update!

Husqvarna dominated the EICMA last year with the introduction of the 901 concept – its first foray in the adventure motorcycle market. Last December, the concept was greenlit for production, but there were no updates on the concept’s progress after that.

Thankfully, the concept is still alive and well! Pierer Mobility, the parent company of Husqvarna, stated that they would continue on their plan to introduce the Norden 901. The model popped up in a few investor presentations this year, notably in August and November.

Yesterday, a German publication released some spy shots of the concept bike in action! When we consider these photos, we can see that Husqvarna is staying true to the shown concept, with a couple of changes.

The first notable change is the engine, which is changed to the 889cc parallel-twin engine. It’s most likely the same one you can see in the KTM 890 adventure.

The other set of changes is related to wheel size. Now, the wheels are sized 21 and 18 inches, respectively.

What about the release of the Norden 901? Well, the German publication states that the bike won’t release before the end of 2021. Of course, it’s better to wait than get an unfinished product, so kudos to Husqvarna for trying so hard.

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