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Kawasaki Recalls The Ninja ZX-14R!

In a slightly controversial but reasonable move, Kawasaki is recalling all of their 2021 Ninja ZX-14R motorcycles. Why is that so? Well, apparently 84 of these motorcycles that were built between August 3 and September 23 have a missing brake component.

The component in question is missing from the front brake master cylinder. This can cause inconsistent force in the brakes and a reduction in braking power for the front wheel. All that is due to potential issues with the hydraulic fluid flow.

This issue could result in a fatal accident, so kudos to Kawasaki for realizing this issue, even though quality assurance is present for a good reason – making sure all components are in place before releasing the actual bikes on the market!

Thankfully, there are no accident reports due to this issue for now, so it seems that Kawasaki will get it done swiftly. Still, if you are an owner of this bike, make sure to contact your local Kawasaki dealer to check if your bike is affected too. You can never be too safe, after all!

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Source: Web Bike World

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David Gabric
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