According to some patents that detail a self-balancing system, Harley-Davidson is working on a solution to the motorcycle weight problem. This move makes sense from Harley’s perspective, as their bikes can be quite heavy, which is a problem for aging bikers and newcomers that may be intimidated by the weight. 

Of course, the weight isn’t that much of a problem once you’re riding at higher speeds, but when cruising at low speeds, you can intimately feel the weight. 

To prevent those clunky tip-overs, Harley aims to add a gyroscope that will help with maintaining balance on their bikes. It will rotate between 10,000 and 20,000 rpm, made possible by an electric motor mounted in a gimbal. There will be speed, and tilt sensors included to prevent the gyroscope from affecting the average riding experience. 

We certainly think this is an excellent idea for the company that could establish a better deal for the higher percentage, older customer base, and inexperienced riders. 

Source: Web Bike World


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