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Rumor: Yamaha Is Working On A New FZ750!

Yamaha is giving birth to rumors that they are working on a new FZ750 motorcycle, that is based on the MT-09 bike. This move would make sense when we consider the success that Suzuki had with reintroducing Katana, an older motorcycle.

What features could be included from the MT-09? Probably the engine, frame, and the rest of the body. Of course, to make things modern, Yamaha will likely add some styling, like the lights, fairing, and handlebars.

Yamaha still didn’t make any official announcement, which could make all of this speculation obsolete. Still, returning the FZ750 in production is an appealing choice. When it was first released in 1985, it was a bit of a peculiar bike, as it features five valves in each cylinder and has a 749cc inline four-cylinder engine. 

Maybe adding the new MT-09 engine could fix the peculiar things about the FZ750, by increasing the power significantly. That is a fundamental change to the FZ750, and it would be that bike only by name and aesthetics. Suzuki has done precisely the same thing with Katana, and that works for them. Who could blame Yamaha for trying a similar strategy?

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Source: Web Bike World

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