Harley-Davidson announced that they would be pulling out their operations from India a while ago. A short time after that, it was announced that they are communicating on a deal with Hero MotoCorp, in which the latter company would help out with distribution and more tasks in India. 

Well, it seems that the two companies have finally come to an agreement! They announced that Hero MotoCorp would indeed handle the operative tasks for Harley, including sales and service, as well as retail of Harley parts, riding apparel, accessories, and other general merchandise.

All these tasks will be done via existing Harley dealerships as well as Hero dealerships. It is worth to note that Hero will now take part in the assembly and retail of licensed Harley bikes. 

It’s undoubtedly a great deal for both sides – Harley retains its presence in India, and Hero bursts into a motorcycle market segment – the premium motorcycles. Nevertheless, Harley will still stop with some operations in India, but it will let Hero take charge of these.

Let’s see how this partnership benefits the two sides in question and the motorcycle market in India.

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Source: Web Bike World


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