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Triumph Is Creating A Lineup Of 660cc Motorbikes!

Triumph Trident finally got revealed a few days ago, with its 660cc displacement, three-cylinder engine. Apparently, this is just the first in the newly planned range of 660cc motorcycles from Triumph. 

We know so far that Triumph will make a full range of 660cc motorcycles, including an adventure bike and a crossover adventure sports motorcycle. That just sparks up the competition with other brands investing in the middleweight motorcycle category. 

This engine produces 81 horsepower, at least in the Trident variant. It’s a great amount and should be enough for other motorcycles in this range. The Trident is available right now, while the other bikes are still not revealed. It makes sense for Trident to make a full-blown range for this engine, but it’s still up to them to provide some hints. We will certainly eagerly expect them!

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Source: Web Bike World

David Gabric
David Gabric
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