Norton Motorcycles has gotten a bit off track in recent times. Thankfully, new management from TVS has improved the situation drastically. A direct result of that are filed trademarks for five new models.

The five models in question are named:

  • Norton Electra
  • Norton Fastback
  • Norton Navigator
  • Norton Nomad
  • Norton Ranger

Based on the trademark categories that mention motor vehicles and parts, it is certain that Norton will prepare all sorts of merchandise to sell along with the motorcycles itself. That fact is further imbued as Norton registered various variations of the Norton name. 

It’s good to mention that these five names have been used by Norton before, in the 60s and 70s. Still, it’s highly unlikely that the new models will be anything like those old ones. Maybe they are aiming for retro styling? That is kind of a popular styling choice these days. 

Whatever happens, we are sure eagerly expecting what blossoms out of this. The new management is doing wonders for Norton Motorcycles, and that’s a fantastic thing!

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Source: Web Bike World


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