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Dunlop Launches the Mutant – the All-Season Tires For 2020!

Dunlop is on a sort of streak lately. They built momentum with their adventure tires in October. To further build upon that momentum, they announced a redesign of flat-track racing tires in December. For 2020, they are planning to build up even more on the established momentum in 2019. Dunlop will launch an all-weather tire that is supported by more than 370 bike models, this month. The tire can adapt to a wide range of bikes and is versatile for all seasons. Hence its name – the Mutant.

Dunlop seeks to provide a new tire alternative for all four seasons to fit all bikers. So, the Mutant is compatible with a wide range of motorbikes, from adventure and sports bikes to naked and retro bikes. We don’t doubt their capabilities to create such a tire, as they have already proved themselves with hypersport and touring tires. They will also utilize the technology used for wet racing in the Mutant’s design.

The technology that backs up the Mutant is labeled ‘4 Season Technology’. It is made possible by mixing compounds that can adapt to even the harshest weather conditions and climates. The tire has an official ‘M+S’ classification, which stands for great performance in mud and snow.

The tread patterns on the Mutant also showcase the proficiency and thoughtfulness of its creator. It features a series of blocks shaped like slashes and diamonds. This tread is very similar to a combination of flat-track and wet-weather tires. So, this design choice will enable the Mutant to perform in a variety of different and challenging situations.

Check out more information on the Dunlop, and find the dealerships that sell it on the Dunlop website!

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