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Roux Helmets and Pininfarina Designed A Water-Cooled Helmet!

While this piece of gear is made with the car industry in mind, one cannot help but theorize its application in the motorcycle industry. Pininfarina and Roux Helmets announced a collaboration in early December, at the Performance Racing Industry in Indianapolis. They showed off a pair of sophisticated water-cooled racing helmets. Yes, you heard that right, a helmet with water cooling! Sounds cool, right?

As we already mentioned, these helmets are made with car racing in mind. Well, the helmets feature some specifics that can, and probably will, be implemented in the motorcycle niche too. The main selling feature of these helmets is the water cooling system that keeps the water circulating around the rider’s head. It can be also connected to the CoolShirt system that will keep your head and torso cool, even when it’s extremely hot in a race car. A smaller variant could be certainly manageable for a motorcycle rider. Maybe with a dedicated cooler?

Along with the water cooler, this helmet also has a built-in drinking tube. No need for additional hydration means! The shell of the helmet is made of lightweight carbon fiber. It also features a microphone and noise-canceling speakers. This sounds perfect for motorcycle riders, especially when you consider Bluetooth support.

What we can notice from the racing gear market is that this gear often arrives to the mass market too. Well, that’s why helmets were adopted in the first place, actually. Most manufacturers look outside the motorcycle market for some gear inspiration.

Of course, water-cooled helmets for motorcycles are a mile away, at least for a common consumer. But, we can take the motorcycle airbags as an example, as they weren’t widely used not a while ago. Now, there are everywhere, at reasonable prices. Maybe the water-cooled helmets will face the same journey.

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Source: RideApart

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