From some recently leaked documents, it seems that Ducati is creating a new motorcycle! The prototype name is Project 1708, which we can attribute to the new Superleggera. This machine is going to be absolutely insane! It will probably cost $100,000 ( £76,923 or €90,198) and is a superbike, GP19 MotoGP race bike to be more specific.

The machine that is in this bike will have a high power output. We know that the bike will have a racing livery, Biplane wings for downforce that will help the bike produce 67% more downforce than V4R superbike. The engine will produce 234 horsepower. Also, the bike will have a frame completely made from carbon.

We also have a leaked video for this motorcycle. Well, we don’t know if this video is official, but it sure looks like it. Determine for yourself!

Source: Web Bike World


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