2019 wasn’t such a great year for motorcycle sales numbers. We’ve already seen the sales drop in India, but there are some exceptions, like Ducati. Well, there is one more exception to join Ducati, and it is BMW!

BMW made 175,162 sales in 2019, which is an impressive 10% increase from 2018. Most BMW bikes were sold in Italy, France, Spain, Great Britain, and Ireland. These are definitely the best bikes for BMW motorcycles.

Also, the Brasilian and Chinese markets were great for BMW! Sales in Brazil have gone up by more than 37%, and the sales in China jumped by over 16%. The sales in the USA have flopped a bit, but BMW didn’t want to state concrete numbers. BMW just states that they manage to hold their place in the USA market.

Markus Schramm, the CEO of BMW Motorrad says that these figures reflect their new motorcycle growth strategy. He also says that they will expand their motorcycle lineup with “emotional and innovative” motorcycles in 2020. We are certainly eagerly awaiting how their strategy will progress in 2020!

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Source: Web Bike World


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