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Curtiss Motorcycles Is A Company That Wants To Create Timeless Electric Motorcycles!

Curtiss Motorcycles is a peculiar player in the electric motorcycle market. The people behind this company used to run Confederate Motorcycles. They created some fantastic V-twin machines. Eventually, the company was sold in 2018, and continues to produce amazing V-twin machines.

Curtiss Motorcycles produces unique-looking bikes that people are either going to love or hate. Also, the price tags on their bikes are obnoxious for a regular consumer. Nevertheless, their bikes feature a unique style, and the market for them is obvious. People who have a lot of money to burn and want to stand out from the bunch will definitely enjoy these motorcycles. The bikes definitely look more like art pieces rather than usable machines.

RideApart managed to get some interesting information from Matt Chambers, the CEO of Curtiss Motorcycles. He told that he sees his bikes as “timeless machines” and something that should be passed on, from generation to generation. Chambers also said that his company is working on new battery technology and more upgrades for their bikes.

Well, the current battery technology makes the motorcycles from Curtiss Motorcycles not likely to be relevant in the next 20 years. We hope that they manage to implement the upgrades for their motorcycles. Also, Curtiss has some new models in the works. The company definitely gets kudos for thinking out of the box and trying something different.

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Source: Web Bike World

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