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Delfast Launches The Top 3.0, An Electric Bike/Motorcycle!

Delfast, an electric bicycle manufacturer, has a new bike, the Top 3.0, but it’s actually not a bicycle, as it has more in common with an electric motorcycle. It is indeed an impressive machine.

The Top 3.0 has a carbon fiber belt drive that transfers power from the electric engine to the rear wheel. It features a 72-volt 48aH Panasonic battery, with a range of 322 km. The weight of the bike is just 70 kg. The electric engine that it utilizes is a 3000W electric unit with 134 lb-ft of max torque. You can go as fast as 80 km/h with this electric bike. It’s definitely not a machine to hit the highway with but is nevertheless very impressive.

Along with that, the electric bike features double-disc hydraulic brakes in the front and a single disk on the rear. Other features include:

  • Color display
  • Mirrors 
  • Turn signals
  • USB connection
  • GPS
  • Anti-theft system
  • Start/stop button
  • Mirrors 
  • Pedals

Delfast will ship the Top 3.0 worldwide. The price for the US market is $6,649 (€5,914/£5,289). If you buy this motorcycle before 30th June, you will get a discounted price of $5,649 (€5,024/£4,494). You can also purchase some upgrades from Delfast, such as panniers and a cargo trailer.

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Source: Web Bike World

David Gabric
David Gabric
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