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Urbet Ego Is An Interesting, Funky Electric Motorcycle!

The electric motorcycle market pie is getting more and more crowded, and we’re going to see more of this in the future. One of the companies in this market pie is Urbet – they make electric scooters, and are now creating a very funky Ego electric motorcycle. 

Some sources state an oddity that the Ego looks the same as the Rumble electric motorcycle released a few years ago. Even though it seems the same, it doesn’t have the same specification. When we consider these facts, we can conclude that this could be yet another case in which a Chinese wholesale company makes a specific electric machine and sells them to a brand that puts some fancy stickers and graphics and sells the bikes as their own. 

Now, let’s focus on the specs itself. The Ego has a 3kW hub-mounted engine, powered by a 72-volt 42aH battery. Fully charging the motorcycle will take seven hours, and the range is about 120 km. The top speed of the Ego is 89 km/h.

Its specs don’t sound promising, but the funky design makes up for it. You can see a unique swingarm front suspension setup that differs from other electric motorcycles a lot. The arching line design makes the Ego a looker. Its design isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is certainly interesting. 

Some people claim that the shared specifications may be inaccurate, with claims like the battery is 60-volts and that the top speed is much lower. Whether you think about the specs’ credibility, the price of the Urbet Ego stands at $3,738 (€3,324/£2972).

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Source: Web Bike World

David Gabric
David Gabric
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