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BMW Unveils The New, 2021 R 1250 RT!

The BMW R 1250 RT is already an amazing sport/touring motorcycle, but BMW decided to update it for 2021! It seems that the primary motivation behind the update is to make it compliant to Euro 5 emission standards, and more.

From the visual perspective, there are not too many changes from the 2020 model. Still, the front pairing gets an update for the new LED headlight. Also, there are some updates to the bodywork to make it more aerodynamic.

The engine is still the good old 1254cc boxer, along with the ShiftCam valve timing and valve lift. It also features an update for Euro 5 emission standards compliance. The engine in question produced 134 horsepower at 7750 rpm and 105 lb-ft at 6250 rpm. To keep the engine temperature at a suitable range, the mixture of air and liquid cooling is utilized. Also, there are two radiators included.

The big novelty for the 2021 variant is the Eco ride mode, which will join the Road and Rain ride modes. Some sources state the Eco mode will utilize the ShiftCam system to optimize fuel economy as well as produce a more refined torque curve.

Another addition is the Full Integral ABS Pro – dynamic traction control and linked braking system. This will help with the stability of the bike on the road. Also, the cruise control system will be active, in the form of a radar system. With this, you will be able to control speed actively without the need of slowing down or speeding up. 

These new features, as well as ride modes, are accessible via the 10,25-inch coloured TFT screen. You can connect the screen and the companion systems with Bluetooth to the comm system of your helmet, too.

We still don’t know the pricing of the new BMW R 1250 RT. BMW stated that they would announce it at a later date.

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Source: Web Bike World

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