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Arai VX-Pro 4 Motocross helmet: in-depth review


The Arai VX-Pro 4 has replaced the VX-Pro3 as Arai’s off-road helmet of the latest generation. The Arai VX Pro 4’s overall design and function are identical to its predecessor, but a few additional features improvements are there. In addition to white and matte black, there are six color options to pick from.

The Arai VX Pro4 is a suitable successor to the popular VX Pro3 off-road helmet.

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Just like an Arai,” the VX Pro4 says as soon as you unpack the box. In addition to looking like an Arai, the firm feel of the exterior and well-finished interior tell you that this one is special.

arai vx-pro 4
Arai VX-Pro 4

As a result of motocross, enduro, and off-road racing input, the VX Pro 4 has two notable upgrades over the VX Pro 3. Improved airflow and aerodynamics at the point where the peak meets the helmet shell are among these features.

Chin vents now have stainless steel mesh openings attached to a removable component outside the chin bar, rather than being built into the bar itself, which is one of the most apparent changes.


Outer shell SCLC (Super complex Laminate construction)

MX-V Ventilation

Dry Cool Liner

Replaceable cheek pads

Facial contour system

Replaceable neckroll

Emergency release system

Breath guard

Organic shape

Double D ring device

Build & Design

There are no compromises because it isn’t a street helmet, which is perhaps why many top motocross riders prefer the VX Pro series.

To help minimize catching during an impact and slide, the VX Pro4 has the same hand-laid Arai “Super Fiber” shell as the VX Pro3. Arai claims Super Fiber has 30 percent more tensile strength than fiberglass” and “increased penetration resistance.”

You don’t see and don’t know it’s there (until you need it). And it’s one of the reasons the helmet is so expensive. It is six times costly than fiberglass. The VX Pro 4’s shell feels robust, and the helmet is Snell M2010 certified. You can sense the firmness, as is the quality of the graphics used.

arai vx-pro 4 build
Arai vx-pro 4 build

The “Tip” graphic is in red (sort of a nearly high-viz bright red-orange). The black parts are flecked with multi-colored metal flake particles, another subtle touch that contributes to the helmet’s richness. The white, silver, and red parts also look like small metal flakes, and the Tip graphic is stunning.

arai vx-pro 4 liner
Arai vx-pro 4 liner

The liner is another typical Arai; it’s a multi-section construction removable and customized to the wearer’s head. The moving pieces include simple sliders for the brow vents and a dark smoke transparent vent cover for the top, sides, and rear. The adjustable peak also feels sturdy, although not as much as others.


Of course, the way the goggles fit is an essential condition for an off-road helmet. There is much room in the VX Pro4’s eye-port to accommodate large goggles, and peripheral vision is as good as one can expect from a helmet of this type.

The VX Pro4’s peak has been extended by 14 millimeters and expanded by 5 millimeters compared to the previous model. Fore/Aft is adjustable by releasing a friction screw, which provides good coverage. As an added bonus, it has a black appliqué on its bottom that helps to minimize glare.


The attachment point of the VX Pro 4 has been redesigned because the VX Pro 3 peak had less area for air to flow beneath and through, resulting in lift.

Suppose you ride a motorbike with a short windscreen, such as a dual-sport bike. In that case, you may detect some additional noise around the top of the peak for certain combinations of head angle and windscreen adjustment. Peaks cause low-frequency noise, depending on the angle and kind of windshield. This noise is eliminated when the air or peak angle is adjusted.


The Arai VX-Pro4 is the lightest, coziest, and most comfortable helmet ever. Like a second skin. Others found it suffocating.

arai vx-pro 4 safety
Arai vx-pro 4 cushioning

Looking at the cutaways on the bottom of the visor, Arai has created more open cutaways to enable more airflow through the visor. This adds stability to the rider’s head and neck, especially with high speeds. If you ride at high speeds and don’t have many cutaways in your visor, your head and neck will bob around. These huge cutaways allow more air to pass through, reducing turbulence and giving the rider additional head and neck stability. This model’s rounded chin bar gives the rider extra clearance and comfort from the chin to the front of the helmet.

arai vx-pro 4 cheek pads
Arai vx-pro 4 cheek pads

The Arai VX-PRO 4 has an intermediate oval fit with more room in the frames. It will be slightly longer front to back, and the side padding is adjustable to allow you more space in your skulls. The cheek pads are also detachable and interchangeable, so you may tighten or loosen the fit. The interchangeable inner comfort padding allows the rider to fine-tune their degree of safety and comfort without changing helmet sizes. It’s great that the Arai VX-PRO 4 gives you that degree of comfort and customization. The Dry-Cool lining in the mask keeps you comfortable while riding. Unlike other helmets, the Arai VX-PRO 4 keeps your face cool and dry after several hours of intense riding.


The VX Pro 4’s ventilation system design is to eliminate Arai “scoops.” The VX Pro4 has two brow vents that open with vertical sliders. A single vent in the center is covered by a low-profile dark smoke plastic cover, and the same dark smoke plastic is utilized on the rear exhaust. There are no moving parts because the vents are open and you can not close them. A single plastic screw removes the rear exhaust assembly.

It now has stainless steel mesh screens on an exterior assembly that breaks apart in an accident. A snap-in plastic cover inside the chin bar allows a detachable foam filter beneath the center vent. The integrated ventilation system works well and is maybe the most efficient we’ve tested. The only limitation is that the noise levels were a little higher than predicted.

arai vx-pro 4 chin vent
Arai vx-pro 4 chin vent

The front of the helmet has fairly noticeable chin vents. Arai has improved the airflow over its predecessor significantly. Most motocross riders keep their vents open. For this purpose, Arai made all vents passive. There are 8 passive vents on the helmet’s exterior (not including the front mask vents).

This allows cool air to circulate through the helmet’s front, sides, and top, keeping the rider cool. The extra vents on the back of the helmet suck hot, damp air out. The complete ventilation system circulates cool air everywhere in the helmet. The back of the breath guard is detachable to increase airflow into the mask. You can easily open or close the breath guard inside the mask if you don’t require too much airflow.

Safety Ratings

The 2015 SNELL-rated VX PRO-4 meets DOT safety criteria for optimal rider safety and security. In an accident, the chin bar design is to break away from your face, not inward on your chin. This gives the rider extra peace of mind knowing that if their helmet breaks in a severe accident, the complex components outside the mask won’t cave in against their face.

Available models and sizes

Arai VX-Pro 4 has 11 models.

  • Barcia Frog
  • Scoop Yellow
  • Scoop Red
  • Scoop Orange
  • Combat
  • Machine
  • Pure
  • Sprint
  • Bogle Black Yellow
  • Black Frost
  • White

The helmet has different sizing options:







Some of the best images of An Arai vx pro 4 with various colour schemes.


The Arai VX-Pro 4 is available for $619. It is too expensive, despite its high price tag, the Arai helmet provides a high level of comfort.

Please check out the websites below for the most up-to-date prices on the VX-Pro 4 helmet:


After a successful run of off-road helmets, Arai brings us the VX Pro4. Off-road, dual-sport, and adventure-touring riders who also ride on city streets will appreciate the VX Pro 4’s many improvements.

This off-road helmet’s fit, feel comfort, ventilation, and ease of use with goggles all sum up to a great value. The pros apparently don’t mind the weight. Their feedback has been included in this latest edition of the Arai off-road helmet.

Fans of Arai will have no choice but to purchase the VX Pro 4 because it has that difficult-to-define Arai feel. This variant is designed to allow cool air to enter the helmet at the front, maximize airflow throughout the helmet, and remove warm, damp air from the back. When it comes to ventilation, the Arai VX-PRO 4 helmet boasts eight more vents. When it comes to the internal padding and liner, you have a lot of control over how it fits and feels.

The Arai VX-PRO 4 is an excellent choice for motocross riders who want a helmet that is both high-performance and cool, and comfortable.

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Introduction The Arai VX-Pro 4 has replaced the VX-Pro3 as Arai's off-road helmet of the latest generation. The Arai VX Pro 4's overall design and function are identical to its predecessor, but a few additional features improvements are there. In addition to white and matte...Arai VX-Pro 4 Motocross helmet: in-depth review