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Yamaha XSR 300 Reportedly In The Works!

Yamaha is reportedly planning to launch the third model in its XSR line of motorcycles! For now, the two bikes in this line are 700 and 900, and it seems that 300 will join this pair, making it a trio! This move makes sense for Yamaha, of course! Let’s find out why!

Well, Yamaha has one segment of motorcycles they call Sport Heritage. In this segment, there is a small bike, V-Star 250, which is on the market for a while now. Now, for some specifications of this bike!

V-Star 250 is a 250cc beginner cruiser motorcycle with a V-twin engine. It is one of the most renowned motorcycles from Yamaha, but there is one problem. The problem is that this bike is outdated. So, we don’t know for how long will this motorcycle survive on the market, without an impactful update.

The remedy to this problem could be the XSR 300. To update the aging V-Star 250, Yamaha could just take the MT-03 base and construct the XSR 300. By doing that, they would essentially get the Sport Heritage motorcycle that features a smaller displacement and is beginner-friendly. Not to mention the more varied lineup!

Well, for now; we can only speculate, as Yamaha still didn’t say anything officially. Nevertheless, we will pay close attention to how the creation of this bike will go along!

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Source: Web Bike World

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