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Leaks Show That Yamaha Is Working On A New, Futuristic Three-Wheeler!

Yamaha has some three-wheelers in its sizeable lineup, which are honestly awesome designs. Rumors are circulating that the company will add another three-wheeler to its lineup, and we have found some images that show how the three-wheeler will actually look like!

Apparently, the new three-wheeler is built upon the MW-Vision concept that was revealed last year on the Tokyo Motor Show. The mentioned concept honestly looks wackier than this new one, which sports a futuristic scooter look, and it seems that it will be a series hybrid. That means that a gasoline engine will be utilized to power up the electric powertrain, allowing it to run at constant RPM and charge the batteries as you ride. You will probably be able to ride this three-wheeler exclusively on electricity too. For now, there are no more specifics on the powertrain.

The other thing we know about the new three-wheeler from Yamaha is that they will utilize a brand-new suspension setup separate from other three-wheelers in their lineup. This design will throw away the taller setup in favor of a lower horizontal setup that uses a wishbone suspension, similar to car setup. That means the suspension is tied to a central pillar that doesn’t lean, but the rest of the bike will lean around the central piece. The suspension setup makes sure that the new three-wheeler is fully stable on the road.

All of this is similar to the patents revealed recently that we had covered too. But, there is always a possibility that this is an entirely new three-wheeler design from Yamaha! Well, Yamaha certainly isn’t blindly throwing their money into three-wheeler development. They are aiming to sell big for sure. The images in this post are still conceptual, and the actual bike may look much different. Time will tell. 

Based on the pictures alone, we can say that the bike’s design will be polarizing for many. But, we believe that the development of new three-wheelers is a worthwhile ordeal for Yamaha. Otherwise, why would they push so hard to this niche? It will certainly be interesting to see where Yamaha goes next with its three-wheeler lineup.

Check out the gallery below for all the images of this new three-wheeler concept from Yamaha!

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Source: Web Bike World

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