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Voxan Motors Reveals The Wattman Electric Superbike!

Voxan Motors is an iconic French electric motorcycle manufacturer, who put their first Wattman electric superbike on showcase in 2013. That was a 203 horsepower electric motorcycle – a real powerhouse! Now, the company is cooking up a new version of their superbike, with 367 horsepower! If these facts stand true, this will be a record-breaker for electric motorcycles!

To break the record, the Wattman needs to travel above 330 km/h. This record-breaking attempt was scheduled for the previous month, but COVID-19 has brought some complications to that. Now, the attempt will take place in July of 2021, almost a year later, from the previously planned date. 

The Monaco-based company has revealed the new Wattman on July 1. It certainly looks like a high-performer, with its unique, aerodynamic design made for the race track. Check out more details on the Venturi webpage!

The bike will have a digital display, lots of body panels, and carbon fiber. It is certainly a fantastic racing electric motorcycle. We will let you know when we get more details on this promising electric motorcycle!

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Source: Web Bike World

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