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VINS Announces Its New Electric Motorcycle – The EV-01!

Very exciting news for VINS fans! They announced their latest machine. It is called EV-01 and it is obviously an electric sports motorcycle. The EV-01 is strikingly similar to Duecinquanta, yet another VINS motorcycle with a two-stroke, 250cc machine. Well, the main difference is the engine itself, as EV-01 has an all-electric engine, borrowed from Zero electric motorcycle.

Like other motorcycles from VINS, the EV-01 features a lot of carbon fibre coatings, as well as a monocoque frame that links superb chassis components. The frame is made of carbon fibre too. Because of the use of alluring materials, the EV-01 weighs just 170kg! Most electric motorcycles can’t come close to this number!

The performance of this bike is surprisingly good too! Its top speed is 125mph and is backed up by the 70hp, 150nm engine. We still have no information on the battery range. If we look at their stock model, Zero DS; it will be 80 – 100 miles per charge. The recharge time for the bike will be approximately 10 hours with a three-pin plug. If you opt for the charge tank and DC fast charger, then the charge time will be 2.5 hours.

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