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Triumph Teases The 2021 Bonneville Lineup!

Good news for long-time Triumph fans and those jumping on the hype train! They have announced 2021 updates for their legendary Bonneville models via a teaser YouTube video that you can see down below!

The Bonneville range has been around since 1959. Even though the model has undergone many tech changes, the vintage style has remained the same – even for the 2021 variants. After all, Triumph knows that retro styling attracts existing users and those looking for something new to ride on.

So, what can we dig up from this teaser video? First of all, it seems that Triumph will include a LED hybrid single-bulb front headlamp. It’s certainly a trademark retro styling feature, but the inclusion of LED lights makes sense from the tech standpoint.

Other than that, we don’t know what other changes will be implemented in the 2021 Bonneville models. Well, we will find out very soon – as Triumph has announced the date of the global live launch of this lineup. It’s on 23rd February of 2021!

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Source: Web Bike World

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