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The Triumph TE-1 Working Prototype Electric Bike Has Been Revealed

Triumph unveiled its Project Triumph TE-1 electric powertrain prototype at the end of March 2021. Nearly a year later, in February of 2022, those sketches became a genuine motorcycle. Now that we mention it, the prototype demo for the Project TE-1 electric bike is, in fact, operational.

In the final phase of the project, Triumph collaborated with two organizations. These two are Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain Limited & Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG). Innovate UK’s Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles provided more support to the WMG.

Each member of the Project TE-1 team brought a unique set of skills to the table.

Triumph contribution

The chassis
Final drive system
Ohlins suspension
Prototype RSU
Brembo M50
Monobloc calipers
Triumph motorcycle management software

Those mentioned above were all designed and built by Triumph.

Williams Advanced Engineering contribution

The battery pack
Cooling system
Voice control unit
Styled carbon covers
Integral powertrain

Triumph TE-1

The battery has a maximum power output of 170 kilowatts (228 horsepower) when fully charged. In contrast, the battery’s continuous output is 90 kilowatts (121 bhp). This allows the motorcycle to produce a maximum power of 130 kW (174 bhp) and a sustained power of 80 kW (107 bhp).

However, the 360-volt system of the TE-1 is also capable of a short charging period of fewer than 20 minutes for charging from 0% to 80%.

When designing the TE-1, WAE says it took into account the bike’s center of gravity, motor, and charging to optimize the battery architecture. Battery packs are now lighter and more compact thanks to new vehicle control units integrated within the battery pack.

Triumph TE-1

The WMG remained in charge of the final pre-live trial simulation after all the other components were in place. WMG According to the team’s plan, the project is on schedule to meet its performance and durability goals.

Expected launch

According to Triumph, the project’s test results exceed the criteria and targets set by the UK Automotive Council for 2025. It indicates that it is far ahead of schedule development. This, in turn, is encouraging for the future development of Triumph electric motorcycles.

Phase 3 of Project TE-1’s collaboration is now complete, and we may move on to Phase 4. The bike will undertake Triumph’s own testing in the coming months. It will provide conducting live testing. Triumph will fine-tune every aspect of the prototype’s performance and handling.

The expected time for completion of phase 4 of the project is in the Summer of 2022, at the earliest. The prototype will get its final body panels and paint scheme as soon as that’s done.

It will be going on an active test run and releasing the final specifications test results. All the intriguing stuff Triumph learned over the process.

Triumph’s first electric prototype motorcycle was built from the ground up during Phase 3. However, Bloor, the company’s chief executive, has previously stated that the TE-1 will serve as a significant pillar in Triumph’s long-term electrification strategy.

We are very excited about this motorbike. If you want more news and updates about Triumph TE-1, keep visiting BikersInsider.

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