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The Kawasaki KLX300SM Is Getting a New Look For The 2023 Model Year.

For the 2023 model year, Kawasaki’s KLX receives a minor tweak, with new color options introduced to keep things interesting.

KLX300SM and Ninja ZX-6R were upgraded for the United States market in 2023 by Team Green, along with the basic KLX300 model. In addition to the latest model revisions in Kawasaki’s portfolio,

Despite its name, the Kawasaki KLX300SM is built on the popular KLX300 chassis, but Kawi has fitted it with 17-inch tyres on both the front and the back and road tyres. A pair of brakes that measure 300 millimeters in the front and 240 millimeters in the back can still fit inside the wheel’s diameter.

SM vs non-SM variants

That’s the main distinction between Kawasaki’s SM and non-SM versions. The Versys 300’s 292cc EURO4 four-stroke single-cylinder engine drives both bikes, which share the same platform chassis and powerplant. A total of 33 horsepower and 20.9 pound-feet of torque are provided by this engine, which is also available in the KLX 300 R. Fuel injection and an electronic starter are also included in the engine’s design.

The model’s chassis is made of rectangular steel tubes and a perimeter design frame with a single split cradle. The KLX300SM’s swingarm is aluminum, although it is painted black instead of grey like the enduro model’s.

The seat is still 33.77 inches above the ground, and the dry weight is 302 pounds.

Pricing and availability of Kawasaki KLX300SM

According to Moto. Several European markets will not be able to purchase this model because of the strict EURO5 certifications. Kawasaki can only provide this in specific European areas. However, the American market will still have a chance to get its hands on it. The KLX300SM is now available for USD 6,299, which is $200 more costly than the standard KLX300 model. New liveries in neon green and black, as well as ebony and blue, are available.

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