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Suzuki Will Release An Updated Hayabusa!

While the legendary Suzuki Hayabusa still sells in the USA, it is not the same situation in the rest of the world due to the emission standards. Because of that, Suzuki will release the updated Hayabusa in the spring of 2021.

Well, these are some exciting news that are probably going to squeeze out an official reveal from Suzuki. It is highly probable that Suzuki is going to increase the displacement of the engine from 1340cc to 1440cc so that it can produce 197 hp.

Also, we can probably expect the Intelligent Ride System implementation to control the power of the bike. If Suzuki makes an update like that, we can also expect multiple ride modes, hill-hold control, lean-sensitive AB, cruise control, and a TFT dashboard.

Other than the mentioned features, some reports state that Suzuki will leave the twin-spar frame as it is. For now, we still don’t know what the price of the updated Suzuki Hayabusa might be.

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Source: Web Bike World

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