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Suzuki Aims To Restructure Its American Divisions By April 2021!

Suzuki makes some killer motorcycles, ATVs, and boats. Even though they carry the same brand name, did you know that its Motorcycle/ATV and Marine divisions are not directly connected? They have their own separate processes, to say at least. To increase the production efficiency, Suzuki Motor of America announced to restructure these two separate divisions.

This change will come into motion on April 1st of 2021. From that date, the two mentioned divisions will function independently, with its own power structure, which is expected to increase production efficiency and speed up the decision-making processes. 

Suzuki Motor USA will stay in Brea, California, where Suzuki HQ is situated. On the other hand, Suzuki Marine USA will transfer to Tampa, Florida. This transfer effectively divides Suzuki on both American coasts, which is an exciting move.

Well, this move was expected, as seen in Kawasaki’s example. As is the same with Kawasaki, this restructure won’t affect the customer experience with Suzuki’s products. 

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Source: Ride Apart

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