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Study Concludes That Gas Tank Design Is Important For Motorcycle Safety!

An interesting motorcycle safety study conducted in Australia came to some interesting conclusions, mainly regarding the gas tank design on a motorcycle.

When we talk about a crash, most of us will think about our bike colliding with another object. It’s not the only collision that happens in such a case, as the body will collide with the bike, too, the most common collision being with the fuel tank.

In such extreme cases, the gas tank design has more importance than ever, as its design will determine the seriousness of the impact on your pelvis. If you injure your pelvis on the gas tank, some types of issues may occur, like sexual ability and your ability to urinate. 

What bikes have the worst gas tank designs when it comes to safety? The three contenders are adventure, dual-sport, and cruiser bikes, respectively, the main reason being the unusually high placement of the gas tank. 

If you want the bike that is the safest for gas tank design, always choose a bike with a flat and smooth gas tank.

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Source: Web Bike World

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