The Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer Kymco has finally entered the adventure scooter market with the launch of the Kymco DTX 360 – a do it all machine, as the company says. 

Here is the video of this adventure scooter in action!

This will be a versatile scooter, being able to maneuver easily in urban traffic, freeway, and unexplored roads. That being said, this is not a hardcore off-road bike due to its wheels being only 14 and 13 inches, respectively. 

Also, for an adventure scooter, it has relatively low ride height and a long wheelbase. It comes with dual-sport tires and is not quite heavy, being 428 lbs heavy (194 kg). 

The DTX 360 sports a 321cc single-cylinder engine that produces 28 horsepower and 22 lb-ft of torque. Some other useful features include:

  • Traction control
  • LED lighting
  • Seat storage
  • USB ports
  • Keyless ignition

No prices are disclosed as of now. We presume the bike will launch in Asia and Europe first, with the USA release still unclear.

Source: Web Bike World


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