Home Industry News Rumor: 2021 Update Of Honda CBR600RR In The Works!

Rumor: 2021 Update Of Honda CBR600RR In The Works!

Rumor: 2021 Update Of Honda CBR600RR In The Works!

There were rumors at the beginning of 2020 that a Honda CBR600RR-R could release before the end of this year. Newer rumors slated the reveal during the Thailand MotoGP, which has been rescheduled. It looks like Honda will reserve the mid-sized Honda CBR models for 2021, for better or worse!

It is still uncertain when the Thai MotoGP will occur, and whether Honda will use that opportunity to reveal their new CBR600 flagship motorcycle. The uncertainty gave birth to yet another rumor, which tells us that Honda may update the CBR600RR for 2021!

According to the latest rumors coming from Japan, the 2021 version of the CBR600RR will get a few aesthetic and tech updates. This could be the last update of this model, as it doesn’t comply with the latest, more strict emission regulations. 

The 2021 update will be an upgrade, not an overhaul. Well, that fact is credible, as it is increasingly challenging to create 600cc inline-four mill engines that meet the new emission standards. Because of that, the CBR600RR was removed from a few markets, even from Europe.

What can we expect from the new update? Apparently, the bike will utilize a new inertial measurement unit (IMU) that will add two new features: lean-angle sensitive traction control and cornering ABS. Also, a tweak is planned to make the bike suitable for new emission standards, but details are unknown for now.

The new update in works for Honda CBR600RR will prolong its life for a few years. Now is the time to get it, if the rumors are true!

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