Lately, there is a lot of speculation on Royal Enfield creating an electric motorcycle. Now, the CEO of Royal Enfield, Vinod Dasari, made it crystal clear on what they think about an electric motorcycle in their portfolio.

In an interview with a certain publication, he states that they have been thinking about making an electric motorcycle for a while now. Right now, the company is “trying to figure out” the exact right segment. Dasari also states that they take electric power for motorcycles “very seriously”.

Even though this isn’t a clear confirmation, it certainly seems that Royal Enfield has an electric motorcycle in the works. We still don’t know what type of bike it will be, but there are already rumors that the bike won’t release before 2022.

We can only speculate. As Royal Enfield is mainly focused on India, it may be reasonable to construct an electric motorcycle fit for that market. So, maybe they will make a short-range electric motorcycle fit for commuters, who knows? If they go along with that, that will rule out other markets, though.

Source: Web Bike World


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