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Puig has transformed the Yamaha MT-09 SP Diablo into a futuristic superbike.

The Yamaha MT-09 SP Diablo, a motorbike that leaves no one indifferent, bears the label Everflowing Design. The most ambitious design project of the accessory maker Puig. The company’s designers and engineers have kept their philosophy of upgrading designing bikes visually and performance. They offer a new design idea that focuses on what motorcycle accessories will look like in the future.

Diablo by Puig

The concept

“We wanted to open the debate about what the motorcycle and accessories of the future could be like. It shows how we imagine it at Puig. The result, we think, is the perfect exponent with active aerodynamics, protection, functionality, and aesthetics as design principles.

Diablo by Puig

Their most recent project saw them take a Yamaha MT-09 SP as a starting point. They entirely redesign its looks to produce a partially-faired, futuristic sports bike look.

Color for the Diablo is red

Puig’s Yamaha MT-09 SP Diablo is finished in red. It has half-covers on the front wheel with completely modified bodywork. It is like as seen on certain MotoGP motorcycles in recent years.

The red theme

Puig characterises the Yamaha MT-09 SP Diablo project as “an experiment in imagination without constraints,” and the photographs certainly do speak for themselves in this case.

Free design by Puig

“After an ergonomic analysis, Puig adjusted the riding posture on a Yamaha MT-09 SP to boost aerodynamics and rider protection,” Puig adds. Furthermore, Diablo’s aerodynamic package includes “new moveable wings,” which according to Puig, “form a dream bike.”

“This is the first time we have faced such a free design project; it has been an inspiring task and learning for the entire team, allowing us to show what we are capable of accomplishing and new lines of the design and many ideas for the future,” said Berta Perarnau, Puig’s head of design.

“We wanted to open the debate on what the motorcycle and accessories of the future can be like, showing how we imagine it at Puig, and the result, the Diablo, is the perfect exponent, with active aerodynamics, protection, functionality, and aesthetics as designing principles,” said the Diablo’s lead designer, Miquel Vallribera.

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