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You Can Preorder The Jawa Perak As Of Now!

The new year is starting pretty strong for Jawa Motorcycles. Now, you can pre-order their new Perak motorcycle. It is a blacked-out bobber bike, that isn’t available in the USA or UK, sadly. For now, it will only release in India, where it is certain to become a huge hit. Jawa Motorcycles is planning to make deliveries in April.

This company had a clunky revival so far. Actually, the demand for their bikes skyrocketed, but the company had struggles with meeting that demand with their supply of motorcycles. Also, because of time pressing, they delivered bikes that weren’t renowned for their build quality. This debacle was called as product failure, at least that’s what their parent company, Mahindra says. Now, the things for Jawa could change in 2020!

Now, on some information about the Perak! The bobber build is surely a throwback to the former Jawa bikes. Also, the bike comes outfitted with a 334cc engine, with liquid cooling. Well, it is no powerhouse, that’s for sure, but it hits its target market, and is a direct competitor to Royal Enfield.

We think that Perak will be a hit in India. It looks magnificent, and will probably encourage a lot of riders to move back to Jawa. The obvious pitfall could be the mistake from the past, and that is not meeting the demand with the supply. Also, people weren’t so happy with the build quality of the previous model, so they need to ramp up on that front too!

If this model returns Jawa Motorcycles to a positive reputation, maybe we can see these new models in the USA and UK markets!

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Source: Web Bike World

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David Gabric
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