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BMW Will Possibly Launch An Electric Motorcycle In A Five-Year Window!

Electric motorcycles have a bright future ahead, that’s for sure. While this market is still in its early phases, things are changing rapidly for the future. In a decade or so, we will probably hear more electric engines than the rumble of combustion engines, and that is alright. The head of BMW Motorrad seems to share the same feelings.

From an interview with Markus Schramm made by Cycle World, we have gathered some juicy information! He says that BMW is planning to launch an electric motorcycle for the urban environment in the window of 5 years. Also, he says that it is highly unlikely that we will see any off-road or sports electric motorcycles any time soon. That is understandable, due to the limitations of the electric engines.

So, what does this all mean? BMW is set to beat the competition in the electric motorcycle market. By that, we mean electric motorcycles designed for commuting. That makes total sense, due to the battery limitations electric motorcycles have at the moment. It is hard to find any electric motorcycle that has a battery range fit for road trips, for example.

Also, Schramm states that they are planning to implement some sort of safety technology in all future bikes in their lineup. They want to pair up cars and motorcycles so that the car drivers know when a motorcycle is around. That would drastically decrease the percentage of collisions between motorcycles and cars. If BMW can pair this safety tech with their electric motorcycle, that could be an ultimate combination for a commute.

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Source: Web Bike World

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