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Norton 961 Commando SE Will Arrive To Customers Who Paid The Deposits!

There was quite a bit of controversy surrounding Norton Motorcycles and the pre-orders for their Commando 961 SE bike. The company made some big administration changes and the customers were left wondering where their deposits went. Well, good news for those users – the motorcycles will be on their way soon! There are even some leftovers so you are able to pre-order your new Commando 961 SE!

To further emphasize this message, the new CEO of Norton stated that they would go “above and beyond” to supply these motorcycles to their respective customers.

Well, this move is a positive ending to an uncertain situation, as Norton wasn’t legally obliged to fulfill these orders after being acquired by TVS Motor Company. Thankfully, it seems that the integrity of the company is high on its value list.

There is a catch, though! Norton will build a limited quantity of Commando Classic motorcycles, substitute bikes for those customers who ordered and paid a deposit for the 961 bikes. This will be a special bike that will tailor to the specs listed for the Commando 961 SE!

We’re very excited to see if this move goes without any complications. The fact is that the company’s business is more stable after the acquisition by TVS, so we are sure that this drama will have a positive ending!

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Source: Web Bike World

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David Gabric
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