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New Adjustable Handlebar Risers from SW Motech

There isn’t a “one size fits all” option with all the money companies spent on research and development. When you consider the wide range of preferences among motorcycle riders, these customizations and improvements are exactly where the aftermarket sector comes in with its limitless assortment of changes and upgrades.

Wide range of options

It’s possible to customize the ergonomics of your motorcycle with a wide range of options. Taller handlebars or shaved saddles can achieve a more upright riding position. Those who want a more sporty riding position can opt for clip-on, drag bars, or clubman bars on their bikes. The possibilities are limitless when customizing your bike’s fit. Several companies, including SW Motech, are famous for their motorcycle baggage and accessories. They have invested a lot of time and money in these goods.

Build quality

Adjustable handlebar risers from the German aftermarket specialist allow you to keep your bike’s OEM look. It will be adjusting the bars to your preferred height. The new bar risers from SW Motech are of machined aluminum and come in various hues. It will match most OEM paint schemes. There are three handlebar diameters to choose from—22, 28, and 32 mm—so they may adjust with a wide range of motorcycles. It can be from dirt bikes to big-bore adventure tourers. Whatever your height, the risers may be set in seven distinct places that are each 5 millimeters apart.

For the most part, installing handlebar risers on a naked or touring bike is a piece of cake. These bar risers are a simple and cheap solution to change the ergonomics of your motorcycle in a way that it’s simple and affordable to return it to its stock settings.

SW Motech’s new adjustable bar risers retail for 170 Euros (approximately USD 187). They are available in black, silver, or anthracite. SW Motech claims that the product design will fit all prominent motorbike brands for your peace of mind. Thanks for reading and for more news and updates, keep visiting BikersInsider.

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