The Yamaha Ténéré 700 is a motorcycle not available in the US yet, but people are really excited about it. This bike is on sale for less than $10,000 and it’s a great adventure bike according to its users. However, some people don’t feel it’s as serious as it should be. It seems that this might change in the future. In the future, there may be a more off-road-focused, hardcore model in the works.

Takushiro Shiraishi, Yamaha’s project leader for this bike, said that the company may think about developing a Ténéré 700 that’s a little more extreme. He suggests that there might be a smaller, nimbler, and more balanced version coming out at a later date.

Ténéré 700 is selling crazy in Germany where it’s already available, which means that Yamaha is likely to try and make the most of the design with at least one other version of it. That makes sense for them. They’re going to get the most return on their investment out of the concept if they can make a few different versions of the bike. We’re looking forward to hearing more news about this.

Source: Web Bike World


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