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Helite Will Include Electronic Airbag Tech On the New Airbag Vests!

The company will have some shiny new technology available to its clients by 2020. Helite will attach electronic airbag technology to the GP Air Vest and Turtle 2 Vest. Other than the vests, Helite will also launch an airbag backpack. The release window for the vests is the spring of 2020, and the summer of 2020 for the backpack.

This will be a new system that will be provided alongside the mechanically activated airbag system. The electronically triggered device should consist of two different sensors. These sensors can detect the rider’s condition and then activate the airbag device at an appropriate moment.

The first sensor is for impact and is mounted on a motorcycle. It can cause the airbag to be deployed even when the driver is at a standstill. The second is a motion sensor that can sense if a rider goes down or if an accident occurs while riding. Together, these two sensors will help ensure that the vest is deployed at the right time.

The vest is reusable. All you need to do is swap the CO2 container and it’s ready for further use. Nonetheless, you should make sure that it was not compromised in any way when it was deployed. At this time, Helite has no price information for the vests.

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Source: Web Bike World

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