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KTM Will Launch A 750cc Lineup In 2022!

To replace their current mid-displacement 690cc bikes, KTM plans to launch a new line of 750cc motorcycles. Their aim with this move is to bridge the wide gap between their 390cc and 890cc lineup.

This information was gathered from the KTM’s parent company, Pierer Mobility. Their investor documents detail that the 750cc lineup will be produced in China due to a partnership with CFMoto.

CFMoto currently produces small-displacement KTM bikes for the Chinese market and the engines found in 890 Adventure and 890 Duke. This partnership may prove to be quite fruitful as KTM chases the high volume production for the global market.

Right now, we know about three 750cc models: 750 Adventure, 750 Duke, and 750 Supermoto T. These will be officially unveiled in 2022, though.

We don’t know too many details regarding the specs of the new 750cc engine. Our guess – this engine will be heavily inspired by the 799cc engine in the CFMoto 800 MT motorcycle. After all, CFMoto has got its hands in developing the 750cc lineup, so why not?

Guess we’ll learn more about that in 2022, or if any leak happens in the meantime.

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Source: Web Bike World

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