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BMW Is Developing Adaptive Traction Control For Their Bikes!

BMW is next in the line of motorcycle manufacturers developing new safety technology for their motorcycles. It looks like the motorcycle manufacturer is developing an Adaptive Traction Control system for future motorcycles. Down below is all that we know about it right now.

As it is adaptive, this traction control system will predict road conditions using an intelligent camera system. According to the information input from the camera, the system will adjust the traction. This is a great feature, as typical traction control systems are just reactionary measures to losing traction. It seems BMW aims to make a precautionary traction control system here.

Yes, rider assists are coming out like crazy lately, and many riders don’t dig their usefulness. Well, all of these assists are paving the way to a revolution when it comes to safety while on the bike. Even professional MotoGP riders prefer traction control on their bikes, making sense that more motorcycle manufacturers are trying to push it on the consumer market.

We’re certainly excited to see more development on the future of safety in motorcycle riding. While some would say that TC takes the fun out of riding, remember – not everyone is a professional rider, and this tech can save lives.

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Source: Web Bike World

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