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The New KTM 1290 Super Adventure Spotted On Testing!

Images of the new 1290 Super Adventure bike from KTM out testing have surfaced online! This bike was slated for release in 2019, but that didn’t happen. Now, we are sure that the company is moving onwards with this project.

The delay of the bike has brought some changes, the biggest being its style – in a way that the bike will greatly resemble the 790 Adventure. It will also have split saddlebag-style tanks, a design choice that gets its cue from Dakar rally motorcycles. 

We also know that the 1290 Super Adventure will have cruise control developed by Bosch. Essentially, that is an adaptive radar cruise control system, that will help out during traffic difficulties. This system, and others that will be in implementation, will be controlled by a TFT dashboard. Basically, it is the same as on the 1290 Duke R.

Regarding the construction of the bike, expect to see the identical 1,301cc engine that the Super Duke R uses. The bike will make approx. 160 horsepower and will be differently tuned than the Super Duke R. It will also comply with the new emission standards. We also notice a change to the bike’s swingarm, which looks kind of better than the previous one. Other than that, it will come with an 18-inch rear wheel, 19-inch front wheel, and electronically controlled suspension.

We still don’t know what the price of the bike will be. Well, it will take a while before this motorcycle is officially revealed. At least now we know that this bike is in the testing phase, which is excellent!

Note: Here are some photos of the titular bike, courtesy of Motorcycle News.

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Source: Web Bike World

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