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Kawasaki KLX230SM is Released In The Japanese Market

The Kawasaki KLX230 is a relatively reliable entry-level dual-sport platform. The Kawasaki KLX230 is well-liked by both novice and expert enduro riders and has won accolades for its use, unfailing dependability, and unquestionable adaptability. Numerous aftermarket enhancements, like aftermarket wheel sets that turn the dual-sport into a supermoto, are readily accessible in terms of alterations.

Fortunately, Kawasaki will begin offering a supermoto version of the KLX230 in Japan starting with the 2023 model year, addressing the needs of customers searching for an entertaining, rowdy ride for the streets and supermoto courses. Except for the 17-inch front and rear wheels, the new bike, known as the KLX230SM, has almost all of the same components as the conventional KLX230. By October 15, 2022, it will be on the Japanese market. The suggested retail price for it will be USD 3,861.

Specifications of Kawasaki KLX230SM

With an air-cooled single-cylinder engine producing 19 horsepower at 7,600 RPM and 13.7 ft-lbs of torque at 6,100 rpm, the KLX230SM presents itself as a practical, if not agricultural, machine overall. A six-speed gearbox transfers this power to the rear tyre, giving the motorcycle a slightly higher peak speed and improved road performance. Kawasaki asserts that their vehicles achieve an outstanding 33.4 kilometres per litre of gasoline or 78.6 miles per gallon.

Kawasaki KLX230SM
Kawasaki KLX230SM

The Kawasaki KLX230SM features a brand-new 37mm inverted front fork with 204 millimetres of travel. Kawasaki’s Unitrack rear suspension, complete with progressive springs and preload adjustability, features the rare. Wheel travel on the back wheel is 168 millimetres overall. Lastly, the front and rear disc brakes on the KLX230SM measure 300 and 220 millimetres, respectively, to bring the vehicle to a halt. Because of its relatively low 136-kilogram wet weight and reachable 845-millimetre seat height, the KLX230SM should be a reasonably simple motorcycle to ride—both aggressively and around town.

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