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It’s hard to miss the X-Lite X803 RS Iridium Edition.

For 2022, X-Lite is reintroducing unique variations of its top-spec X-Lite X803 RS Carbon helmet. It includes the Iridium edition, which has a reflective lens.

Adding style points to an already beautiful lid is simple when the lens is iridium. The X-Lite X803 RS Ultra Carbon is a top-of-the-line helmet well-known in the racing scene due to its FIM-homologated sister model, the X-Lite X803-P. The iridium version is a nod to the previous gold and silver models. All three incorporate an iridium lens besides the black smoke and transparent visors.

The RS in the X803’s name refers to “Racetrack Setup.” You can see how much X-Lite has made this lid as aerodynamic, light, and vented as possible for usage in a full tuck, hard on the brakes, or with a dragging elbow in the bends.

Build and quality

The Iridium lens contributes to the helmet’s distinctive appearance color. The lid is constructed from X-Ultra Lite’s Carbon shell. It features a matte finish with burgundy accents on the vents and branding.

The helmet weighs 2.75 pounds (1,250 grams) about the carbon shell. More, X-Lite installed a transparent spoiler at the rear of the lid that is detachable if you want a less aggressive design.


The helmet’s interior is washable and has an activated carbon cloth that helps prevent bacterial growth and increases comfort. Additionally, a Pinlock screen is included in the box to help keep the lens clear of fog.

Pricing and availabile sizes

The Iridium edition is available in sizes XXS to XXXL for around USD 685 (EUR 649.99). If this isn’t your cup of tea, the Gold and Silver variants of the X803 remain available at the same price.

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