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In China, QJ Motor has unveiled an updated 600RR sportbike.

QJ motor 600rr featured

You may recognize Chinese motorcycle maker QJ Motor as a partner or parent firm for Benelli and other Italian brands like MV Agusta. QJ Motor has redesigned the 600RR for its 2022 generation. Since its introduction in 2020, the 600RR has been QJ Motor’s first four-cylinder-powered model. It incorporates the foundations of the Benelli TNT600i into a sportbike package.

Design and Build

The reworked front fascia immediately reminisces Ducati’s distinctive appearance. As for its side profile, it’s identical to the Honda CBR650R sportbike.

Only two kilos have been shed off the 600RR’s dry weight, bringing it down to 213 pounds, which is still a bit on the hefty side. For added range, QJ Motor has increased the motorcycle’s tank capacity to 18 gallons. The bike’s rear end also features a more angular and higher tail part, keeping modern sportbike design trends. According to QJ Motor, if you’re going at an average speed of 93 miles per hour, the winglets will provide between 5 and 6 pounds of downforce.


When it comes to power and torque, the engine of the new 600RR isn’t much different from the previous model. A new exhaust design with lowered back pressure and an internal engine friction reduction of 5 percent are the primary reasons for this. As a result, at 11,500 rpm and 10,500 rpm, the engine now produces 87.2 horsepower and 56 Nm (39 ft-lbs) of torque.

A preload-adjustable monoshock at the rear and an upside-down front fork are the only options available. With two 4-piston Brembo mounted calipers at the front and a two-piston Brembo caliper at the back, the brakes are rather good. Some electronic rider aids are also included with the 600RR. A quickshifter that only works on upshifts are included as well as ABS, traction control, and riding modes. Also included are a TFT screen and a USB C port.

Since QJ motor owns Benelli, it’s workable that the 600RR will serve as the basis for a new Benelli model. According to previous Benelli hints, we should expect the Tornado 650R to be based on the QJ Motor 600RR. With increased displacement, tweaks to the bodywork, and Benelli’s famous Lion of Pesaro badge.



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