Honda is no stranger to V-twin bikes; they have several outstanding bikes of this type. They have another one in the works, according to their patents. The patents in question show a “plurality of cylinders in a V-type arrangement”. In the patents, two pistons are mentioned too, so it is sure to be a V-twin bike.

There are no other known specifics at this moment, other than the drawing that spoils the V-twin setup. Based on the drawing, we would guess that this bike will feature a retro style. Also, the engine isn’t that big, so it is most likely that Honda has a small or medium displacement, naked V-twin bike in the works. Maybe it will be something different, but the drawing sure looks like that.

Even though the patent was printed at the end of April, it was filed in February 2018. We still don’t know if Honda will build this bike, as many ideas are probably on hold because of the COVID-19 crisis. Nevertheless, it would be nice to see another V-twin from Honda!

Source: Web Bike World


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