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Energica Sale Figures Go Up In The US!

The sales numbers are pretty optimistic for Energica, who seems to get on track to become one of the key players in the electric motorcycle market. They have surprisingly good financial results for the first half of 2020. What is even more interesting is that they sold more bikes in this first half than all of 2019! To add the cherry to the top, they report that they are getting 41% of pre-orders from the US alone.

These numbers indicate that this Italian company has come under the sight of the US market. It comes without mention that Energica will focus more on that particular market as of now. Almost 50% of the mentioned pre-orders have been fulfilled, which is quite a result due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The big part of the Energica’s appeal is its battery pack with an extraordinary range. Now, the new battery has 62% more capacity! To convert this into actual numbers, the Energica bike now has a 180 km range on the highways and 402 km range in the cities. Other than that, the electric motor features 159 lb-ft of torque. To top it all off, you can charge the battery to 80% in 40 minutes!

The worst of the COVID-19 crisis has passed in Italy, and Energica can now continue with the production! We expect their electric motorcycle to sell big for the rest of the year.

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Source: Web Bike World

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David Gabric
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