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Honda Launches Online Booking In India!

Honda is striving to make the process of buying their motorcycles simpler in India and has launched a new online booking system for that market. In the system, customers can get a closer look at desired bikes and reserve individual models. Honda has developed this system to decrease the number of people physically coming into their dealerships.

There is a catch, though. The customers are not able to pay for the motorcycle in the mentioned system. As the system is designed as a booking system, the customers can reserve their desired bike, go in the dealership, pay for it, and take it for a spin! While not being able to buy a motorcycle via the system may seem somewhat counterproductive, the system is designed in a way that customers will spend less time at dealerships. Also, shipping and delivery costs are quite high for motorcycles!

This decision comes as no surprise, as there are more Web transactions than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic that caused shutdowns of motorcycle dealerships and other related facilities. Now, we are quite looking forward to seeing if Honda expands this system to other markets in the world. It is undoubtedly a step toward the digital future that emphasizes convenience, one of the main driving forces to buying decisions.

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Source: Web Bike World

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