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Harley-Davidson Restarts Production In Limited Capacity!

Unquestionably, the newfound situation of the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt the financial results of Harley-Davidson. To fight the crisis, they have a new CEO and have new production plants in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, operating on a restrained schedule. It makes sense that Harley-Davidson won’t produce as many motorcycles as before the crisis, but it is great to see the restart in production!

Harley will shift its focus on the best sellers primarily. They won’t indulge in too much custom work for the rest of 2020 because of that shift in focus. We still don’t know what models Harley will prioritize at this time.

Some sources suggest that they will focus on the Sportster and Street category models as they were the best-sellers in Q1 2019. It seems quite reasonable for Harley to create models in these two categories.

These are rumors, of course, as nobody else apart from Harley knows what happens on the assembly lines. Maybe it will be good for their business to focus on some other models, as some have criticized them that they are launching too many of the same bike.

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Source: Web Bike World

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