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US Agrees To Cancel Imposing Taxes On Chinese Motorcycle Helmets!

As a consequence of tariff wars started in 2019, motorcycle helmets from China were much more expensive in the US. Well, the tariffs are getting a change now. They will get lifted thanks to the agreement between USTR, US International Trade Commission, the Motorcycle Industry Council, and some other companies.

Erik Pritchard, the president of the Motorcycle Industry Council, comments that the tariffs are additional taxes that are covered by the American businesses and consumers, and not by China. To relate to this comment, it is good to know how the tariffs in question really work. They are additional taxes indeed, and they will translate to higher costs for US consumers, but they are not direct taxes for US consumers. Actually, it is just the tax on merchandise that is coming in from other countries (in this case, it’s China).

Nevertheless, Pritchard is right – regular US consumers will pay more because the tariffs increase the merchandise costs. Certainly, you will now be able to buy less expensive motorcycle helmets coming in from China in the US. However, the lift on tariffs is a double-sided blade.

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Source: Web Bike World

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