Home Industry News For Helmet Communication Units, Ruroc Has Announced the CHAIN App.

For Helmet Communication Units, Ruroc Has Announced the CHAIN App.

Ruroc CHAIN app

Ruroc CHAIN is a unique independent motorcycle communication system that allows riders and groups of riders to connect and communicate with one another no matter how far apart they are.

The system runs as an app on your smartphone and uses Voice Over Internet Protocol. The same method that WhatsApp uses when you use to make a call. Your voice is transferred to another user over the phone’s 3, 4, or 5G connection.

Ruroc created this app called CHAIN. This app integrates all riders’ communication devices, independent of the brand.

VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol for CHAIN app

With VOIP technology, the CHAIN app will help individuals who have been unable to connect a Sena with a Cardo. Discord, Skype, and WhatsApp are a few examples of apps that already rely on VOIP. With VOIP in CHAIN form, motorcyclists may communicate with devices from different manufacturers.

Many Bluetooth devices have the largest group size constraints that this technology can’t exceed. After receiving the six-digit code, riders can join a CHAIN group. VOIP allows riders to stay in touch. It works despite vehicles, buildings, distance, or natural impediments like hills or turns separating them from the rest of their group.

Suppose the group is traveling in rural areas. In that case, VOIP may not work because it relies on mobile data and internet connectivity. This means that CHAIN is a fantastic option for urban and suburban commuters. It has restrictions for long-distance explorers and tourists. Mobile coverage isn’t uneven among different carriers. Staying on the trodden route may be the best strategy.

CHAIN is an excellent choice for riders who won’t be riding into the most remote regions. Ruroc’s app is a terrific option for groups on the go because of its wide range, universal compatibility, and limitless group size. In the Apple App Store, you can get the CHAIN app for free right now. It will be available on Google Play soon.

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