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Felo Launches Their High-Tech FW06 Electric Scooter!

The development of electric two-wheeled vehicles is surprisingly quick, especially in countries like China, India, and Japan. Many key players in these markets aim to innovate their product line to get them ready for the mass consumer adoption of electric vehicles.

One new player in this game is Felo. This company partnered with Kymco for the development of their new electric scooter – the Felo FW06. While it shares a striking resemblance with Kymco F9, it’s not a copy. While FW06 is similar to small-displacement, gas-powered, 125cc scooters, it has some crucial styling and tech features that set it apart from other electric scooters on the market.

Similar to the Kymco F9, it comes with a two-speed transmission. This allows riders to choose two riding modes. The lower gear is great for maneuvering in the cities, while the higher gear is essential for rides out of town when the roads clear up. These riding modes will optimize battery range in the long run and reduce wear on the electric motor.

Felo offers its FW06 in standard and DX variants. The main difference is in the battery power and maximum range:

  • Standard variant has an 80Ah Li-Ion battery with 68 miles of range (110kilometers)
  • DX variant has an 88Ah Li-Ion with 87 miles of range (140 kilometers)

The FW06 sports an electric motor that produces 10 kW of power, equal to 13,4 horsepower. Basically, it will be quite similar to 125cc scooters based on power, but it will bring the smooth and quiet operation of the EV vehicles.

Felo FW06 got its initial launch in China, with a price of 26,800 CNY, which equals $4,200/€3,453/£2,962 for the global market.

For more information, check out the Felo FW06 official page!

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