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Ducati Finally Reveals Their New V4 Granturismo Engine!

At the beginning of this month, Ducati started with the weekly teases of their new V4 engine. Now, they have finally revealed the specifications of the new, V4 Granturismo engine that will be exclusive to the V4 Multistrada motorcycle. That motorcycle will be officially unveiled on 4th November. 

The V4 Granturismo engine will produce 170 horsepower and 92 lb-ft of torque. Apparently, it is an engine that will last more than any other existing engine before requiring servicing. It can make 37,300 miles (60,030 kilometres) between significant maintenance. That is made possible thanks to a new spring-loaded return system, which is a novelty for Ducati. 

The V4 Granturismo is suitable for touring motorcycles, as it features special profiles for the camshafts and valve lift speeds. It is designed in a way that you will know how much power you have at disposal, at any time. Also, the engine has a 1,158cc displacement and is smaller and lighter than the 1260 engine in the other Multistrada variants. 

Another great feature of this engine that makes it suitable for touring motorcycles is its compactness that results in minimum vibrations. Ducati stated that the engine sound would be smoother and gentler – definitely not as harsh as the previous Multistrada engine. Also, the crankshaft of the V4 Granturismo will run in the opposite direction of the wheels, which will reduce the gyroscopic effect present in some bikes. 

With this new engine, Ducati wanted to focus on how the power comes on. They wanted to make sure that the V4 Granturismo is smooth at low power, torque-rich at medium intensity, and a “sporty soul” at high power. The engine will operate like a twin-engine, due to the 70-degree crankpin offset and 90-degree layout.

The last bit of specifics has to do with the new six-speed transmission. It features a hydraulic wet clutch, designed with the new V4 Granturismo in mind. The transmission has a shorter first gear, which means that it will be easier to manoeuvre in low speed. Also, this should make off-road riding as well as starting the bike on uphills much easier. The updated gearbox will be compatible with Ducati Quick Shift Up & Down System. 

As far as we can see, the new V4 Granturismo engine is designed as an organic update to the already impressive twin-engine in the Multistrada bike. Needless to say, we are very much hyped up for the new Multistrada reveal in November!

For more tech specs on the V4 Granturismo engine, check out Ducati’s website!

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Source: Web Bike World

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